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Hi all!

I'm so glad to have found this site. I've loved PDF's for a long time. The first reptile/amphibian I ever wanted was a frog. However after doing some research decided they weren't the best starter pets, so I went with a leopard gecko instead. This was years ago, and I've had a couple leo's since then and also a couple bearded dragons. Anyway, the point. I've decided the time is right, but I'm not going to jump in with both feet just yet. I want to start off small, just a couple of frogs in a small tank...I'm thinking that a 10 gal would be alright for a pair? However I already have a 5 gal. sitting in the closet. Would that be alright for two? Or too small?

Thanks everyone
welcome to the board.
It is recommend not trying to go with a tank any smaller than a 10 gal. This will be an appropriate size for one or two dart frogs. Keep in mind, that just because these frogs are small, they still need their space. If you can afford to step up to a 20 gal size tank, you will be better off in the long run.
10 it is...that's what I thought you'd say...and I actually went and bought one before I heard back from you. But 20 would be better eh? Maybe I'll phone the shop tomorrow and see how much more a 20 is and trade up. We'll I said, I want to start small.
So I've decided on D. Auratus. Which is primarily a ground species right? So I don't want to make a vertical viv???
if you are going to use a 10 gal with the auratus they are primarily terrestrial, but you might give them a couple of calling spots that are elevated.
Good choice on a first frog by the way!
Will these be green and black auratus?
I was hoping to find either the blue, or blue and bronze. I think they look the best. Big Grin

And I'm managed to wrangle up a 20 gal. Would that change anything about making it vertical? I wouldn't expect so...
A 20 gal will be great to work with, keeping it in the horizontal configuration, and not trying to do a vertical.
I cannot speak about the blue and bronze as we are not working with those, however we do have the blue and black auratus. You might be disappointed with these as we have found them to be on the shy side. Nothing worse than getting your first frogs, and never seeing them.
On the other hand, some people say that the green auratus can be shy. We have Nicaraguan, and Costa Rican, and we have not had any shyness issues with either of these.
funny you should say that. I was looking around at sites today and read that they were quite shy, and now I'm thinking of changing my mind. Yup that's right, I'm so undesided I'm not even sure if I should change my mind! Confusedhock:

Now I'm thinking of the lecs, but who nows...thats a long ways away as I need to start setting up the viv. On to plant research!
we have both the leuc's and green and black both are great,the auratus will actually come and greet us if you sit down next to their tank,both are breeding pair and the males are competeing to see who can call the most welcome to the hobby-addiction!!!

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