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Hi, I'm Jared from San Diego and I'm new to the dart frog hobby.

I recently acquired a "probable pair" of captive bred sub-adult D. azureus. I have them in a 10G quarantine tank with moist folded paper towel, an Indian Almond leaf, and an upside-down Dixie cup shelter. I purchased 2 flightless melanogaster fruit fly cultures from my LPS and have started a 3rd culture using Repashy Superfly culture media. I have been feeding the frogs dusted fruit flies alternating between Rep-Cal Ultrafine Calcium w/D3 and Rep-Cal Herptivite.

I have also prepared a separate 10G planted vivarium with a false bottom made of egg crate atop notched 2" PVC fittings. Above the eggcrate there is a layer of window screen, a 1" layer of hydroton, another layer of window screen, and a 2" substrate layer of fine orchid bark mix, coco fiber, and peat moss. For shelter there is a piece of cork bark and a coco hut. Plants include mini orchids, mini bromeliads, and a variety of others which I bought from dart frog hobbyists.

To my untrained eye the frogs appear to be healthy, active, and eating well, although I imagine they're stressed from being transported to a new environment. I have started collecting fecal samples and refrigerating them in a plastic ziploc baggie alongside a piece of moist paper towel. I plan to get a fecal check done before moving them from the QT to the vivarium.

That's all for now.

Welcome Jared !

Wer'e glad to have you here. It sounds like you have an excellent handle on things already. Very nice.

Please don't hesitate to post....often. The search function here works really well, and you can always attach a new question/post to an old thread but failing that....just go ahead and make a new thread with your question.

Don't be shy !

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Hello Jared !
- 2.3.0 Ranitomeyas Uakarii
- 1.1.0 Auratus Mebalo
- 0.2.0 Oophaga pumilio Escudo
- 0.0.3 Ranitomeyas Variabilis
- 0.1.0 Cat

Soon looking for :
- 0.0.5 Adelphobates Galactonotus solid orange
- 0.0.3 Adelphobates Castaenoticus
Hello Jared,
glad you're here.
Sounds like you are off to a good start, and
lucky you, you have a lot of great froggers in your area.
Hi Jared, and welcome.
You may wish to contact the vet you will be getting fecals run by for collection requirements. Keeping them, for any period of time , refrigerated or not will not help.
You may also want to re-think keeping a large pair of tincs in a ten gallon as a permanent home (I know, some will tell you it's OK, in my mind it is not) . I'd personally go no smaller then a 20 , long term. With substrate and a false bottom combined for about 5-6 inches you now have effectively about a 6 gallon tank.

Darts with parasites are analogous to mixed tanks, there are no known benefits to the frogs with either.

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Thanks to all for the welcome.

Rich: Thanks for the input. I have since contacted the vet and will coordinate collecting fresh samples with the shipping delivery schedule. I am assembling a planted 18"x18"x24" vivarium, but this may not be finished before I move the frogs out of quarantine, so I plan to use the 10G planted vivarium as a temporary home.


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