Is Driftwood necessary ?

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Well I was going for this effect for my background[Image: page1.html]

But driftwood is very pricey. I was wondering if any knows where to get cheap driftwood. If not, I really dont need wood. I suppose I can always just carve caves and outjuts in the foam.
Check ebay. The user id of the lady i bought mine from is driftwood lady.
also watch for types of wood that mold constantly. grape vine is the worst, and cypress or ghost wood are the best. i've heard both good and bad about malaysian driftwood, but mine came out of fishtanks i'd had for many years and does fine.
if all else fails...can I just carve stuff in the foam?
Yes you can if all else fails. This takes a certain artistic flare. Alos, keep in mind that most of the tank will eventually be covered with plants, of course depending on what type you buy.

You can also utilize corkbark curls into the foam background. I find this blend to work really well. I think i payed 4bucks a pound at a local herp/fish store.

I usually buy one or two pieces of nice driftwood that have a cool shape or texture and fill in the foam like does. You can use this same technique with the cork. The cork seems easy to come by. Again check ebay lots of people use driftwood in arts and crafts. Definately buy cypress or ghostwood, the others seem to rot quickly.
I was wondering about using driftwood you find along the beach ... any special precautions that I should make? Any ideas on a good way to "cure" this wood?

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