Is malaysian driftwood good for pdf vivs?

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I am posting this to see how this wood does in a high humidity viv for pdf's it a good wood to use? It is kind of a post to answer another member's accurate responses would be appreciated. thanks! kristy Big Grin
I've been using it for years. It a good choice. I don't see my pieces much as they are covered by mosses and ephytics but, they are still firm and holding well. the member who contacted me....there is an answer. I bought some locally and plan on using it in my newly set-up vivs. many sponsors sell it also for dart vivs. thanks for responding mathew. kristy Big Grin
I'll second that. Malaysian driftwood and ghostwood are the only woods I have used and they are going on 4 years in a viv and holding up great.
Scott Bryant
thank you boombotty. :wink: I know they hold well up in vivs. I was only posting for a member who was interested in malaysian driftwood. :wink: I have a lot f it and easy access to boxes of it.
kristySmile Big Grin

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