Is my frog too skinny?

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Hi everyone, I’m new to poison dart frogs and find them fascinating but I’ve run into a few problems already. Two weeks ago I purchased three D. auratus at a reptile expo. The very next morning I noticed one of them had a cut on its nose. I thought it might have scratched it while settling into the tank and was advised to put Neosporin on it. Unfortunately the little guy passed away two days later. Of the remaining two, one is nice and plump—eating tons of fruit flies—but the other seems a little skinny to me. When I go to feed them, s/he will eat about 4 or 5 flies then hide in the cave. My two main questions are does this frog look too skinny and could it be related to the one that passed away?

Here are some pictures of the skinny one. Any advice would be much appreciated.
i would really separate the darts you have left and quarantine them. You should contact dr. frye and send him the pics and do fecals. here is his email. He is available m-tue. and thursday-fri. not available wed. [email protected] he can give you all the expert advice that you'll need in order to answer your questions. In the mean time, until monday rolls around and he is available to answer your email, i would separate the two. kristy
Do you mean separate the two from eachother or move both to a quarantine tank? They are the only two I have anyway so i thought they would be more comfortable in that tank that is set up. I thought i would also include the pictures of the one with the cut and the one who still looks healthy. Now to go find froggy poop...
i'm no vet but if the darts were together in the same enclosure and the other dart died in it, yes they should both be quarantined seaparately in my opinion. Another reason to q-tine them is because of the one dart not eating like the other and hiding. That can be a sign of disease of some sort and'll also get some fecals better that way to send dr. frye. I've seen skinnier darts so don't go off the deep end on me now :wink: just separate and feed and wait for dr. fryes response and results. get the fecals ready and send in to dr.frye on monday for tuesday(next day air) arrival. I would go through usps to do this, but you must be there before 4pm usually if they are to arrive tues for him.he is out wed. i have shipped my fecals both fedex( my preference) and usps. do you know how to ship them? q-tine them? what one frog has, the other likely has since they were in the same viv together. let me ask you this....did the neosporin have any pain releiver in it? kristy

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