Is my tank size and temps ok ? Frogs are not active

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hi there guys and girls.
i am new to the dart frog and dart den world so please don't be offended by my silly questions. Big Grin
after a good few months of researching these little beauties, i decided to take the plunge and go get myself a set-up. i have a 45cmx45cmx60cmhigh tank which is now home to a beautiful sexed pair of Azures...(god these are a good looking frog!) it is a very nice set up and they seem to have settled in well to there new home (even though it has only been 5 days) on the first proper day they were eating and seem to be active which is obviously a good sign? i think? but....they do not seem to be active for all that long...and seem to be resting for allot of the day. the only thing my setup does not have is a heat source or heat bulb. could this be the reason why my babies seem to be a little lethargic? my room temperature is about 19 degrees and is about the same in the tank. i understand that these frogs like it around the 25 mark? correct me if im wrong. could this be effecting the frogs and there overall activeness?
besides from this everything seems to be fine and could not be happier with my new pet and think that all of these frogs are fantastic in there own little way.
your superior knowledge would be very helpful and very much appreciated.
thanks in advance.
Hi alex_azure,
welcome to the forum.
Please keep in mind that the US tried to convert to the metric system back in the 70's, but was unsuccessful.
Thanks to Google, your tank dimensions are roughly 17.75" x 17.75" x 23.50", and your temperature is around 66 degrees.
Tank size would be ok for a couple of azureus. Your temp does seem a little on the cool side. Does your tank and room temp stay this cool all day?
It would help if you could bring the temp in the tank up a little during the day.
You did not mention what your humidity was at.
Thanks for the warm welcome.

haha sorry about the dimensions Tongue
its an exo terra tank with two part lid with mesh. one side is covered though by the light.
i was also wondering if you can get replacement bulbs that are amphibian friendly to keep the temp up? do you no if it can be done via bulbs as i have had no luck with those heat mat things.
humidity is around 70% if that helps.
Do you have a piece of glass that you can cover the screen portion of your top with? Humidity could stand to be a little higher, we like to see it between 80-100%.
I'm not familiar with the Exo Terra lights, so I can not offer any recommendations.

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