January 6th. White Plains Show

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OK, are you froggers ready for this? I have two absolutely beautiful Rich Frye Escudos I could bring; selling them for the same price I paid: $600 for both. Selling because I'd prefer "more visible" frogs. I know one is a male who calls frequently, but not sure about the other. Rich had agreed with me to provide a female in exchange if the other turned out to also be a male.

I can provide pics to those seriously interested.

Can also bring ($8/culture): dwarf white isos, gray striped isos, pink springs, and white springs (don't know whether temperate or not, but reproducing quickly and abundantly). A "culture" of isos will have at least 15 adults and there will be hundreds in a culture of springs.

I have had instances of bringing stuff to shows for members who never show, so please, only if you are serious, contact me. If you change your mind, just let me know before the show, no problem. Just don't want to bring the stuff for no reason. Thanks!

Ed ([email protected])

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