Just got my frogs ! Dendrobates auratus

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I got my frogs today and I am wondering if I could put more in. I got 2 Green and Black auratus, I don't know the sexes but they seem to be friendly towards each other. We have them in a 20 gallon Hex with tons of climbing room. Check out the pictures and let me know what you think.
Wow great frogs !
Well, I finally got them in their new home. I've added a few pics of the construction and final product. I purchased these 2 Auratus at the Mississauga Reptil Show.

I'm not sure how old they are. The one frog is out and hopping around all the time the other frog comes how for maybe 20 min a day and then hides under one of the plants the rest of the time. I hope the Virarrium is not to large for them at this point. Concerned the one isn't eating enough.
Here are a few more pics.

Please let me know your thoughts. I installed a false bottom, with some landscape fabric and then an inch of organic potting soil and another inch of Coco Fiber. The water comes down a PVC pipe cut in half lined with rocks stuck in the grout I covered the PVC pipe with.

Nice auratus and interesting tank!
Jeff Bogdanoff

Nice frogs.
I'd check into quarantine and testing though before putting them straight into a viv. very, very important.
I don't follow the five gallons per frog "rule" , especially when it is a vert and not much ground space for ground dwellers. I'd stick with those two only.

Darts with parasites are analogous to mixed tanks, there are no known benefits to the frogs with either.

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My newest aquisitions

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some of my leucs
think, it aint illegal yet
my leucs (4 of them) are in a 32 hex that looks like yours and are very happy. The 4 new auratus are going in a 29 gal and should be fine in there, at leasst for a while. You may be able to put 3 total in a 20, but more is better if you see any aggression, you need more space
think, it aint illegal yet
Hi turtlelovesgems I would stick with just the two for right now and get the hang of everything. Give them a chance to grow a little. Let your plants become a little more full and then see how much space you have. I have a few of the panamanians and they never climb. If you are wanting more frogs set up a twenty gallon vertical with a couple coco huts and some healthy tropical plants along with good moss for ground color and put the panamanians in there. Then find a frog or two that prefers a vertical tank. But still no more than two. Just my opinion. Beautiful tank and frogs though!
sorry i meant twenty gallon long for the two panamanians!
those are some good looking frogs! i LOVE the waterfall, very cool Smile
looks great man!!

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