Juvenile Azureus and viv for sale

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I have six juvenile Azureus in a 60 gallon vivarium that I need to sell. Will not ship. Located in Portland, Oregon. Looking to get rid of entire vivarium. Great juvies from ED'S FLYMEAT. Medical bills force sale. Also have 55 gallon dry tank and 70 gallon flat back diamond shape tall tank with stand. Started viv but needs finishing. Looking for local pick up or I may deliver/meet halfway.
I'm also out of my home in 60 days. Need a person to take these great darts and vivs from me. I'll throw in 35 gallon hex, two 10 gallon, two compact fluorescent lights (48" 180 watt & 30" 120 watt w/moonlights) and all equipment to start other vivs.
If anyone can help me out, I care alot for my darts. Need them to go to good home.
I'm looking to get about $400.00 obo Worth that just in equipment.
email me @ [email protected] if interested. sorry no pics; no camera.

I'm so sorry to hear about your situation, I truely wish you the best.
Goodness, I guess your Avatar wasn't lying huh?

Someone needs to step up and get this great deal off of him!!
Thanks Mike and Frogtofall. Appreciate your guys' concern. Yes, it is a great deal! I'm taking a major loss on all my products. I have invested over $1000.00 in all my tanks. And the frogs have excellent patterns from two diffirent breeding lines.
I remember there being a few Oregonians on the Dart Den so I'm trying here first. Figured I could really help someone out in setting up the vivs if they are local.
But my leg is more important right now. Come May it will have been a year since the accident. I just spent the last two months getting out of my wheelchair and walking with cruthces. Hooray! Unfortunately my medical costs have exceeded my income and my lease is up.
Appreciate are your posts on Dart Den. Everyone has been great here. Hopefully in another year I'll pick everything back up once again. Just love those darts.
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