Legal Dart Frogs to own in the U.S Hobby ?

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This is the start of a thread where we will try to list as many of the species and their legality in the U.S hobby, as we can...

Wish us luck :|

Start with this particular Genus:

Dendrobates Genus

Dendrobates auratus - Legal in all of it's morphs with the possible exception of Costa Rican and Colombian morphs, since those countries do not engage in commercial export. Hawaiian Imports are legal.

Dendrobates tinctorius azureus -While arguably a "grey area" frog that was only legally provided to Zoological institutions, it is so commonly kept and bred throughout the world, that it is obviously non prosecutable, if such a situation can possibly be termed thusly.

Dendrobates leucomelas - 100% Legal in the Hobby. Many legal imports. It should be noted that the range of this species overlaps multiple countries and is not confined to Venezuela.

Dendrobates tinctorius - Most all morphs are legally imported. There is conjecture that up to two (02) possible morphs are endemic to Brazil and since Brazil has not allowed export, these are quite possibly considered illegal in the U.S

Dendrobates truncatus - Legally exported to the U.S Hobby ?

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