Leopard Gecko Shedding Issue

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So, I have a leopard gecko named Romeo who is about 3 years old and is having the worst time shedding the skin from his toes.... I was checking up on him this morning, and two of his toes had fallen off. It was horrible. I make shure that he has damp paper towels in his hidey-hole, but nothing seems to help. He has rough bark and a few rough stones to help him shed, but nothing has worked. I even went as far as to fill the bathtub with just enough water so his toes were wet and then letting him try to scrape it off. I can't stand looking at his little stumps of toes, and am afraid that he will lose the rest if I can't figure out what to do. Please, if anyone knows anything, please, please, please, give me some suggestions.
Wow thats weird I have 3 Leopard Geckos myself and have been keeping them for seven years now, my oldest one is twelve and this has never happened to me? I usually mist their tanks twice a week and they have lots of pieces of wood and bark to help them out. I do notice that it sometimes get stuck on their toes but eventually comes off. From what you are doing I don't think there is anything else you can do.
From what I remember about Leopard Geckos, shedding issues are usually related to heatlth problems arising from improper vitamin/mineral supplementation in the diet. Whats he/she eating and what kind of supplements are you using? What brand? How often?
He eats three crickets every day coated with a Herptivite/D3 mixture. Could I be supplementing the crickets too often? I gut feed them with Fluker's, could there be something wrong with that?

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