Leuc or azureus choice ?

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leucomelas or azureus ?

I mainly want to breed them. My viv isnt very tall - only 20 inches high and about 3 feet long. I also want to get 4 total dart frogs. Should I get 2 males and 2 females or 1 male and three females ?
If you want a group, get the Leucs. The Blues are really best left in pair. And it's the females that often fight. Just my 2cents
Hmm okay Ill get leucs
For breeding should I get 2 males and 2 females...or 1 male and 3 females
You're prolly better off with 2.2 or even perhaps 3 males and 1 female. That should create some competition for the chick.. but wait to see what the other members think as well..
Good Luck
Well If I had one male and 3 females, could the lone male breed with all three females or would it be too hard on him ?
I would say no, but then again ask the others too. There is some parental care with dart frogs, so it seems like one male looking after 3 clutches is a bit unlikely IMO.
could I.....

Have one male and one female leuc AND one male and one female Azuere in the SAME viv? and still have breeding take place?

Or is it best to just stay with leucs?
Do not mix species. You will end up with hybrids. In the dartfrog business this is not looked on as a good thing.

It always seems that new froggers want to mix all sorts of colors in the tank. You will learn young jedi.

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