Light Question - What light temp / rating ?

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I"m gonna order one of those 96 watt kits from AH supplly for my 55g viv. What Color temp do I want. It only explains it in aquarium terms.
I'd appreciate a little help, if anyone has done this before. Thanks.
Anything around 5000k would be good. On my 115gl I have two 5000k and one 6700k.

that's what I figured. I was afraid maybe the the 6700 would be too bright. I see you kinda offset it.
thanks for the reply. I figggerd by your avatar you'd be one to answer.


Lights!de. 8)
I probably shouldn't post this, but here goes:



I see you brought your shwartz... and it's as big as mine!

no really that 's a cool pic.
I saved myself a ton. I just brought home a coupla ballasts from work and wired em up to over drive my lights. Essentially doubling my output.
It still woulda been nice to had that big ol' 96er. but man ya can beat free wattage.
but now I got to 32s doing double at 128. (roughly)
wattage will determine brightiness, the higher the kelvin reading the bluer the light

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