Lighting for plants

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Just one quick question I need answered before I can start my viv. I have a twenty gallon long tank (30x12x12). What kind of lighting should I provide the live tropical plants in order for them to grow? If you could provide me with a link to a product, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.
I know the 2.0 reptile bulbs (like the exo terra or zoo med bulbs) say they are good for growing plants since they are full spectrum bulbs, though I also think I had read that you can use standard bulbs as long as they gave off certain parts of the color spectrum that plants (red and blue). I have only been doing some reading on stuff since I'm just trying to get started so I have not tried anything to see what works better yet. Though my guess would be if you go with a 2.0 reptile bulb or a bulb that gives off 5500 Kelvin to 6500 Kelvin so it is about the same as the sun's light. ... rid/126301

Can anyone tell me if that is a good enough light for the tropical plants? Thanks
I get my lights from home depot they are five dollars for a two bulb 48 inch fixture and four dollars each grow bulb. Hope this helps..........scotty bradley

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