Locus bark wood decor for vivariums

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Hello everyone,

I have a ton of Locus wood that should be great for vivariums. At the moment i do have a simple set up to see how it holds up in a humid vivarium like enclosure and i'll post updates to see what it may carry The wood came from trees we got cut down, no chemicals have been used on them and i plan to let them sit and sunbathe to try to remove anything that still might be living slugs snails particularly. I would quarantine the wood if you do decide to get some, it hasn't been treated for pests, or cleaned, and i would recommend at least brushing it off with and checking the crevices in the wood for possible hitchhikers before putting it into your viv. You could bake it too if you believe that's the best way to kill off any bugs.

Locus is a hardwood tree that's very rot resistant and could be used as an alternative to driftwood. It has great characteristics and nice coloring. below are some pictures for you, i can fit any size tank you have from 10 to 100+, i have boxes to ship longer pieces too.[email protected]/

i'm interested in frogs Big Grin it's a long shot but i just had to ask
d. azureus (& or super blue)
d. leucomelas
d. auratus
d. tinctorius
also looking to purchase the frogs listed above.

I'm also looking for..
Korean Rock fern, then others after maybe
creeping fig
silver skies
and other viv plants/mosses
viv mix for bottom of 2 tanks, i am making my own but i'm having difficulties finding ingredients, all i have now is forest floor and eco earth. I was looking for the jungle black earth, and orchid/coco bark too.

In addition i'm interested in starter cultures of...
fruit flies
i'm especially interested in the first two since i need some to seed my vivariums.

thanks for your interest, please send me any questions, i can get picture specific and you can chose the exact piece you want. what i need is how big of a piece, and tank size so i can find pieces that might meet your standards and needs.

D. Leuc 2:1?:3 Bryan's tropicals/2unknown
D. Azureus 1:1:4 unknown

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