Looking for a good deal on some Broms

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I need to revamp my big viv and need some broms for some up coming vivs. I don't need too, too many right now. I would like to get about 15 small to med growers. mostly for a couple of 10 verts and some compact areas in my bigger viv. I remember some of yall sold tem yourself.
I'd especially love to be able to pick them up locally to save me shipping costs and headaches.
Thanks in advance.
I know Ken is not local but I deal exclusively with him at: http://www.peaceofthetropics.com/catalog/index.php

I'm not a fan of his website, but the product is great. Ken is a real pleasure to work with. You will find that because the broms are not shipped in soil, the shipping cost is cheaper than you think.

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I can hook you up with a great deal, depending on how many you want.
I also have very cool peperomias currently. fro 15 we would charge around 50-55 bucks shipping included. Its totally negotiable, depending on what exactly you want, and every order gets free gifts.

plus there should be some pics in our dart den post. plus shipping is max $5 and we cover any overages.
Hey Ace. I PMd you.

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