MADS gathering 10/23/11 George G's (Philly)

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@40 froggers from the MADS area (NY,NJ,MD,PA and close by states). George has an awesome basement with over 40 vivs. Lots of cool frogs, parrots and fish.

Big Grin THANKS GEORGE ! Big Grin

Lots of frogs and supplies for sale and trade. MUCH better selection AND prices than any reptile show - even possibly Hamburg or White Plains !

If you can help not ever pass up a chance to attend a local frog meet.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
it was a good meet. nice frog room, good food.
Good seeing/meeting everyone, great time... got to check out Roman's stuff afterwards too, really nice collections on both ends.
Great time yesterday, well worth the trip. Thanks to George and his wife!
Review of the gathering ?, but I will relay the funniest moment of the day - IMO

We were all standing around talking randomly about all things frog related - me, Julio, Scott M, Craig and a few more people when someone started on about Indian almond / tadpole tea and then live oak, pin oak and magnolia and how they are good or better than others for litter or tannis yada yada, when Scott suddenly says:

"guys...we are all standing around here talking about LEAVES"......leaves.....

Funny as hell.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".

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