MI Meeting May 13th

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The next MI Froggers meeting will be in Rochester Hills from 1pm-6pm May 13th. Hope everyone can make it. For a copy of the flier with directions and to be added to the mailing list pleas send us a email to [email protected].
I sent out 30 faxes yesterday to some of the pet shops in the Detroit area. They are all going to be posting the flier in there stores. If you don’t see one in the pet shop near you ask if you can hang one up.

If everyone could pleas RSVP if your planning on attending. Just so I can put a number together.
2 possibly 3 for me depending on if my Husband wants to come. We can take stool samples to this correct?
[Image: Frog_Meeting.png]
Uhm, I'm a bit confuzed. What will we accually be doing? And an we show up any time between 1 and 6, or show up at 1 and it ends at 6?
we will have food. you can talk to everyone and there will be frogs for sale and trade, plants, supplies and wood without paying shipping and you can show up any time. Its alot more social then a show. Also meet people in the area to get group buys car pool to shows. lots of stuff
Just a reminder to let me know what you would like me to bring to the meeting. I can bring anything that I sell:

Acrylic Door/Lid Supplies
12" BLACK Acrylic Piano Hinge $2.29
12" Clear Acrylic Piano Hinge $2.39
16" Clear Acrylic Hinge $3.99
6" Clear Acrylic Piano Hinge $1.99
Acrylic Hasp $1.69
Acrylic Knob $0.65
Door Catch $0.69
Large Clear Acrylic Pull $1.09
Plasti-Hinge 1-3/4" X 1-1/2" $0.79

Rep-Cal Cricket Food (7.5 oz) $3.99

Driftwood (Pictures can be seen on my site of specific pieces)
Small Kampas $4.99
Medium Kampas $7.99
Large Kampas $9.99
Cypress $11.99

Fruit flies and culturing supplies
1 LBS Methyl Paraben (453 grams) $9.99
1 LBS of Brewers Yeast (3 Cups) $3.49
2 LBS (2.3 Liters) Fruit Fly Media $9.99
32 oz Insect cup and lid $0.30
5 LBS of Brewers Yeast (15 cups) $14.99
Freshly started 32 oz Wingless Drosophila Melanogastor Culture $3.99
Fruit Fly Culture Kit w/o Flies $15.99
Fruit Fly Culture Kit with Flies $23.99
Vented Insect cup lid $0.20

Petri Dishes
20 Pack of Lab Petri Dishes 100 x 15mm $6.99
Lab Petri Dishes 100 x 15mm $0.49

Quarantine/Temporary Enclosures
190 oz. Quarantine/Temporary Enclosures $2.99
Pack of 10 190 oz. Quarantine/Temporary Enclosures $24.99

Sphagnum Moss
150 Grams Long Fiber Sphagnum Moss $4.95
500 Gram Long Fiber Sphagnum Moss $10.95

2 LBS of 1/2" Charcoal $4.99
Jumbo 32 oz Temperate Springtail (Colombella) Culture $7.99

Tadpole food
4 oz. Tadpole Food $9.99
Frog & Tadpole Bites $1.99

Herptivite Multivitamin $7.99
Rep-Cal Ultrafine Calcium with Vitamin D3 $5.99

Vivarium/Terrarium Supplies
12 oz Handi-Foam $7.99
Coco Honeymoon Hut $2.99
Coconut Water Bowl/Dish $3.49
Med. Sumroang Seed Pods $4.99

I will also bring some weld-on #16 if anybody is interested. I'll have 12 or so producing fly cultures (melano) and a few hydei cultures that are a couple of weeks old too.

And I can bring any exo-terra tanks for anyone that lets me know they would like one. I must know by thursday morning on the exo-terras at the absolute latest. Prices are as follows:

12 X 12 X 12 $45
12 X 12 X 18 $55
18 X 18 X 18 $85
18 X 18 X 24 $105
Well the weather doesn’t look to hot for the weekend, good thing I have room inside. Hope to see everyone there

I you have any questions or for direction just pm me.
My female leuc needs a mature mate.
If any who is attending the Mi froggers meeting has an extra male, please contact me.
Or I will bring the female leuc, which is 4.5 years old, to the meeting.
"theman" had a few extra males at the last meeting. I'm not sure he checks this forum though. You could post your request on dendroboard.

I have a few leucs that aren't paired up, but they are too young to sex, but I tend to see way more females than males.

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