MOLD! in my just finished vivarium!

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So What can I do about this? the moss seemed to be growing well I sealed the tank and got it all set up put in some plants and now 24 hours later almost the entire back wall is growing whit whispy mold, Is there a way to get rid of this safley? Please someone help I do not want to have to start over!
Mold is nothing to worry about. It's just nature's way of cleaning up. Most molds will go away on their own after a few days or weeks. Also, they won't hurt the frogs. Worst case scenario: some of them smell real bad. Just give it some time and maybe reduce the humidity a little.

does this mean my moss is dying, or should I give it more time? Also because of the smell and the danger of inhaling molds to humansI did want to eradicate it quickly.

After researching into the wee hours last night I discovered a safe and natural way to kill mold. White Vinegar! and I just so happened I had some, the mold dissapeadred as soon as the vinegar hit it.

That is all aprt of the tank cycling. Every new tank will get this. It clears up in a few days.
You say everytank does this? I talked to my friend who recommended the buttermilk-moss technique and she also says it is normal as long as it is not green or black mold.
Does any one have any direct experience with this and does the mold give over to moss?
It wont give over to moss. It will just go away. Its like cycling a reef tank if you have any experience with that.

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