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So I am very interested in creating my first Vivarium for dart frogs. I have gutted an old Mac CRT monitor and constructed a custom Plexiglas tank for the inside. I was originally going to use it for an aquarium but have changed my mind. Does anyone have some tips for creating one? I see a lot of people have false bottoms to circulate water through for a humidifier.
my tank is about 10 gal.
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Neat concept. Unfortunately I don't really have any tips on that. Except... Lighting... How would you plan on lighting the tank? You would either have to cut a hole in the top or the light would have to be in the front...

Oh the challenges.
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I have a lot of room available in the back of the case. the tank goes maybe halfway back. I was thinking I could put some lighting in the back, something with a bendable neck so it could reach overtop of the tank. Would I have to set up a drainage system to maintain the humidity?
I was also thinking about cutting a door into the top of the case. then cut a door on the top of the Plexiglas for access.
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