Malaysian Drift Wood

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Does anyone have experience using this wood? I'm setting up a new vivarium and black jungle is out of ghostwood and they are not exactly sure when they will get more in so im thinking of settling for Malaysian drift wood. Does live moss thrive on this wood?Pros/cons and any comments appreciated!

I prefer this wood over any other wood for the vivarium. It had that nice dark color when wet, and hold up extremely well to being wet even completely submerged for long periods. Moss will grow on this fine as long as enough light and moisture are provided.
where can you buy larger peices of this? the petstore near me that sells it only has tiny peices and they are expensive.

This is where I buy all of mine. They are great pieces and great customer service. If I may suggest a tip buy the largest pieces and if it is too big just cut it to fit your tank, and you can use the scraps for other tanks. I do this as it seems to work out cheaper for me. I usually buy a lot of the large pieces. I also find it very helpful he gives you the rough measurements of each piece. ... QQ_armrsZ1
Driftwood works very well

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