Malware detected on DB

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I am getting multiple and numerous detections of 'malware' on DB from my anti virus protection program - Kaspersky.

Seems like some sort of data collection attempt by the owner of DB - Vertical scope. Anyone else with additional info?

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I got the same thing yesterday but got rid of it. don't remember what the name was of the bad stuff. but was ok later in the day and it seemed major threat, (virus) . tool bar went red.
I doubt they would try to install anything like that most likely it is malware and is coming in through the ads which means they wont do shit about it because they will simply say its not our problem they might even give the default bad answer of try a different browser. One of my biggest pet peeves now days is how ads are dynamic and there is no screening of them. Anyone with a credit card can serve up ads to millions across the internet and hackers take advantage of this. On top of that there seems to be no accountability of any type, so what if google served up malware to millions of computers there is no law or anything that would punish them for the mistake. The best thing to do to protect yourself is install an ad blocker to your chosen internet browser. If someone wants to cry about people not making money off ads then? Tell them to serve the ads from their own server and the ad blocker won't block it =] and at the same time they can make sure the ads are nice simple clean images and take owner ship over the issue if they are malware.

It likely doesn't matter if you report it because a similar thing happened really bad at planted tank which is also owned by vertical scope and they just left it for months. They just kept saying its not our fault its the ads, and I was like so you could solve the problem right now by disabling the ads to prove that right? But no couldn't risk losing an hours worth of 0.0001 cent click revenue.

Beyond that make sure your computer is properly setup.
You are NOT running in an administrator account (which sadly is the default way most windows installs are setup)
Any UAC, Root or whatever admin priviledge system is not disabled or lowered in security, do not click yes or on anything if you don't know what it is either.
All programs and the OS, ESPECIALLY garbage like flash and java are up to date.
pop up blocker is on.
Oh and make sure your files are backed up regularly then if you do get hit you can reformat and start over. Antivirus has a shake record on actually removing everything cleanly if I know someone got hit I don't even give them an option total reformat doesn't matter what your AV says.

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