Many trades! Bugs, Frogs, Lots of Plants, Books

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Hello all I have the following for trade. If you are interested in just purchasing that is also possible. I am willing to ship in most cases.

I am looking for
-Male Hawaiian Auratus
-Panamanian Auratus (almost any morph)
-Blue and Black Auratus
-Ancon hill Auratus
-Capira Auratus
-Campana Auratus

This is what I am really interested in but offers are welcome!

Here we go I have for trade

Dwarf white and dwarf grey isos. A decent amount of both

Hardcover Poison Frogs: Biology, Species & Captive Husbandry:

This book is a great reference for the beginner or advanced hobbyist lots of great info and pictures.

Now for the plants

Dwarf acorus
Pilea glauca
Baby tears
Ruellia makoyana
Pellonia pulchra
Episca dianthiflora
Pilea cadierei
Dwarf calathea
variegated creeping fig
creeping fig
Philodendron "wende imbe"
Hoya curtsii
Peperomia prostrata
Columnea gloriosa
Columnea "golden heart"
Alocasia "black velvet"
Peperomia caperata "silver leaf"
Dischidia ovata

I also have a large mounted specimen of Pep. prostrata and D. ovata pictures below.

I also have sheet moss I have been culturing indoors for 5+ months and many large neo. zoe.

Frogs! Pictures available for serious parties.

-2 reticulated auratus froglets
-several adult hawaiian auratus.

[Image: 006-1.jpg]
[Image: 004.jpg]
[Image: 002-1-1.jpg]

Thanks, Justin
More plants that i dont know what to do with them!!

Justin Thank you Very much for the great plants and the extras you sent.

made the order worth it my friend!!

0.0.2 ‘Turquoise and Bronze’ D. Auratus (Michael Shrom line)

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