Members in Ontario Canada ?

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i assume there are a few ppl on here from ontario. i know there are lots of breeders in the toronto area. i live in ottawa and was wondering if there are any breeders around where i could get other frogs.

also where is a good place for plants for a vivarium. i know there are tons of sites but im not a fan of ordering from the US cause of all the duties we get screwed with and what not. also i want to make sure they are alive when they get here and not freeze on the way haha.

im building my vivarium right now and its going not bad other then i broke the back glass.

i got my plants at home depot. you just have to know what ones you cant get and what ones you can.

as for breeders there are some. i know little rays reptile zoo sells some frogs and can get some for you but ill see if i can get ahold of someone who knows a breeder

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