Memorial Day Weekend Sale, Ends 12am on 5/26! 15 Species of

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Hey gang, FrogNerd here!

We've got a great number of fine looking specimens available now!

If you'd like to place an order send us a PM on here,
or email [email protected]
or Contact FrogNerd LLC on Facebook

Here's a run down:

D. Leucomelas Banded,
3 Months
$30 or take 4 for $100

D Tinctorius,
Adults 1.5 yr
0.0.1, Line:Josh's, Azureus female ready to breed $70, 3 Month olds are $30

[Image: 11060912_1585724308344022_52508361305942...e=55F513E2]

D Tinctorius,
3 months
"Patricia" - $25, group pricing available
[Image: 13497_1585713661678420_29933233765843386...e=560AF9DE]

"Citronella" - $40 or take 3 for $105
[Image: 11052432_1585713705011749_56058727272581...e=55C60173]

"Cobalt" - $45, group pricing available
[Image: 11329929_1585713721678414_70662858076529...e=55FFF36F]

"Regina" - $55 or take 2 for $100
[Image: 11350429_1585713635011756_64784246854363...e=55C21DEE]

"Oyapock" - $40, group pricing available
[Image: 10422234_1585718148344638_30470427146452...e=56067751]

A. Galactonotus,
1.5 yrs
Red, Nabors - Group of 5, $80, take all 5 for $375
Yellow, Nabors - Group of 3, take for $160

E. Anthonyi "Zarayunga",
4-5 months
Stewart line, $25 each


R. Flavovitta,
3 months
Understory line - $50 each or group of 3 for $135
[Image: 11168390_1585713485011771_23736800005852...e=55FD05B6]

R. Sirensis "green",
2-3 months
Phil Tan line - $30 or group of 4 for $100
[Image: 11239621_1585724778343975_69029400083407...e=55FA3656]

R. Sirensis "orange",
3-4 months
$40 or group of 3 for $110
[Image: 11220874_1585713528345100_12560670509466...e=55C669DB]

R. Sirensis "Standard/Highland",
3-4 months
Josh's Line - $200
[Image: 11017669_1585713501678436_88483954445137...e=55F4FFFF]

R. Vanzolini,
3-4 months
European Line - $55 or 2 for $100
[Image: 11205071_1585724345010685_54773546014940...e=55C80AD6]

Payment and Shipping:
We accept all major credit cards through PayPal invoicing.
Shipping is paid for at the buyers expense, unless otherwise specified.
Shipping quotes available at any time.
Lots of very nice looking frogs! We do need a location for you.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Oh my apologies!

FrogNerd LLC is located in North East Philadelphia, PA, 19114
just the one "Standard/Highland" ?
Yes, just the one highland juvenile at this time. The standards are a bit reluctant to breed year round. I typically get about 3-4 off-spring a year.

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