'Michaels' super moss pics

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Basically I got a tiny bit of michaels supermoss from my friends viv. And three months later it blew up. Has anyone tried it? Is this too much!?
Basti. This dude loves hanging out in moss. White ffs stickout in it so hes always waiting
For some of you noobs wondering who and or where to get the best broms [email protected]

Not once have I been let down and every time he gives me much more than I feel I payed for. Any size shape and color you can think of, hes got it.

Maybe I should start a vendor fb if theres not one yet?
Just to be clear, you are talking about 'Michaels Bromeliads' - plant nursery from South Florida and NOT 'Michaels Craft Store' - big box store chain of craft supplies and frames ect....correct?


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I thought the same thing for a second, but his second post shows the link to the website.

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