Michigan Froggers Meeting Sept. 27th @ Josh's Frogs

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We will be hosting the next Michigan Froggers meeting on Saturday, September 27th from noon-4. I will be grilling (weather permitting). I just need a few people to bring some drinks and/or other food.

If you have anything you would like to bring to the meeting to sell or trade, please post it here.

I'd also like to buy enough burgers and dogs, so please post here if you are coming. If you decide at the last minute to come, that is fine. I just need a rough estimate.

Our address is not on a lot of maps and will NOT show up on your GPS. If you are set on using your GPS, program in the intersection of Lovejoy Rd. and Owosso Rd. and our subdivision (Glen-Mary Meadows) is 1/4 mile west of that intersection. Otherwise, use this map: http://www.mapquest.com/maps?city=Byron ... code=48418
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I should be there.
I will have available for sale or trade:
Blue & black Auratus(Nabors) froglets
3 Blue & black Auratus(Nabors) adult females
Blue leg Ventrimaculatus(S.Stewart) froglets

I am looking for:
Red Bastimentos Pumilio~adult/sub adult males/females.
White Bastimentos Pumilio~adult/sub adult females.
Suriname Cobalt~adult males.
Blue & black Auratus~(Nabors/Shrom) adult males.
Pm if interested in any frogs/deals, as I may not bring them unless somebody is.
See ya there! 8)
oh yeah I will bring some cookies or something to eat.
The meeting is tomorrow! No invitation needed. Hope to see all of you there.
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