Mid Summer Frog Sale! plus Dry goods!

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Mid-Summer Sale** <<>>
<>: https://www.facebook.com/tincmanherps

*Dendrobates Tinctorius Robertus "TIncman Line"- 95 Each large Froglet/Juvi(Trio for $250), buy 4 at Regular price get one free!!!

*Dendrobates Tinctorius Awarape-45Ea, buy 4 get one free!

*Dendrobates TInctorius Azureus Sky Blue -$75 Ea, $140 for Both

*Dendrobates Tinctorius Matecho-50Ea, Large Juvi/Sub Adult 2 at $85

*Dendrobates TInctorius Patricia-Large Froglet/Juvis 30Ea, buy 4 get one Free

*Dendrobates Auratus Colombian- 1 month old froglet $75 Ea (25% of Frog sale back to Tesoros in form of donation)
*Dendrobates Auratus Super Blue- $40 Ea Amazing Sub adults, buy 4 get one free!

*Dendrobates Auratus Turquoise- Stunning Probable pair-$125, $100 with another $100 in purchases of any frogs listed.
-*Turquoise Juvis $35 Ea, 3 at $100

*Dendrobates Leucomelas- Gorgeous Juvi/Subs $35 Ea, 3 @ $100

*Oophaga Pumilio Salt Creek Proven Pair- *NOW $270!* Was 325!
*Oophaga Pumilio Salt Creek Trio 1.0.2 *now $240, was $300!

*Oophaga Pumilio mimitimbi Colon- Subs $150 Ea, 3 at $425

*Oophaga Pumilio Almirante Sexed Trio-bright colored frogs $150!
Almirante SUbs $50 Ea

*Oophaga Pumilio El Dorado Subs $60 Ea

*Oophaga Pumilio Black Jeans- Kevin Moser/ Old lines- Stunning frogs $75 Ea!!! One of largest prettiest & most bold pumilio!

*Oophaga Pumilio Basti- Female $80, Strictly Frog well acclimated Ive had many months now!

*Oophaga Sylvatica San Lorenzo, over Half grown Sub adult Trio Now $740, was 800!
*Oophaga Sylvatica San Lorenzo Large Froglets- $215 Each!

*Oophaga Sylvatica Bilsa Sexed Pair- was $1100, now $900!!

*Phyllobates Terribilis Orange Black Foots- Large Froglets $75 Ea & 25% goes back to Tesoros in form of Donation)

Phllobates Terribilis Yellow- Juvis $45 Ea, 3 0r more at $40 Ea

Phyllobates Vitattus-(Costa Rican Research Center line)- $25 Ea

*Ranitomeya Variabilis Southern- Chunky amazing 1.0.3 Young adult 4 lot of stunning large frogs..** $250 for group of young adults. only one has called, have also found egg gel but no eggs, suspect more then one female & egg eating, should go as proven really, but IM being fair.

Ranitomeya Vanzolini- Sub adult $50 & this one is nice size now!

Ranitomeya Benedicta- Spectacular Subs 65 Ea 2 for 120, Froglets 60 Ea..

Ranitomeya Rerticulata Froglet/Juvis- Superb Trio at $265!


>-30 Culture bag $25, 20 Culture bag $18 (This media is handmade with Real Fruit & Carotenoids... Blueberry, Banana, Beets, Carrots, Coconut, Strawberry with NaturalRose Carotenoids. Carotenoids have been proven to aid in the health & breeding production of Pumilio & my media is loaded with them... works well for Melos & Hydei. Quicker larger booms then most media tested & better ingredients! Healthier Media will give you better Frogs!

16" 20Watt Mixed SPectrum with Red & Blue Diodes! $40Ea Sale!, All WHite LED full spectrum are $32 Each on Sale! FOLIUS MOUNT $8, Cord $8 COMPLETE KITS AVAILABLE $15, NEW higher quality cord to match the premium LEDS integrity!

>-50 Gram $6.50! 100Gram 10.99!

* 2oz-$15!

*, Dwarf White Isos= 5$, D Purple=$10, booming Springtail cultures $10

(Pellets) 3oz $4, A high protein, Carotenoid infused Pellet with Vitamin A and NaturualRose, 3 oz Container Fresh from manufacturer now with small & large bites for small and large tads...Try this higher quality fresher food with better ingredients including beneficial Carotenoids , it will float & then sink for tads that like to eat from the bottom & the strange ones that like the top!lol

<<< New products Shipping in august,
-HUge booming, or made to Boom well Fly cultures will begin Shipping as well as well as a new 8 Watt LED that will be bright enough for your small vivaria & use a very small amount of energy... Will be 18.99 Ea or 3 or more at 16.99 Each for these.>>>

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