Miniature orchids----really cool...

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Found this company, . They have true miniature orchids at reasonable prices---ones that only reach a couple of inches or so. Check them out!
for folks on the West Coast, Andy's Orchids in Encinitas, CA is a great place to find species. Many plants are sold grown on stick or cork mounts which can be easily hung or attached in the Viv. If hung, they can easily be pulled out to water or fertilize & then returned to the Viv. Also if cooler temps are required to initiate flowering the could be left outside on cool nights & and then returned once flower spikes were initiated.

Make sure you stick with the warm & moist growing plants, NOT ones that need to dry out between waterings.

Bulbophyllum, masdevalias, smaller phalaenopsis, draculas and certain dendrobiums, ludisia, macodes would all be possibilities.


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I've had the best luck with bulbophylums. They like to be moist and seem to do quite well in this kind of environment.

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