Mold / Fungus control

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Hey guys,

I have a new tank t hat is getting some white fungus and some green/white mold...There is minimal air flow...

How do you control this? Will it hurt dart frogs or plants?

It is totally normal and will go away once things equal out in your tank. No need to worry. I highly recommend getting a springtail culture in there as this boom is a great opportunity for the springtail culture to get established. - All Your Poison Dart Frog Supplies in One Place!
sorry for stealing the topic but i have a question for joshsfrogs, what are springtail cultures? Ive heard alot about them on this forum but i dont know what they are and where can you get them
you can go to joshsfrogs website they have em and you will find info bout em too
I got a Tropical Aire humidifier, it is like a tank with a sponge in it that you hook up to a fish tank air pump, and then you put a spray bar (comes with the kit) in the tank and it gives air flow, and humidity.

Never had a mold problem since I got it. Not very expensive, always fill with RO water.

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