Mold in frog tank

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Hey guys, so I have different molds in my vivarium and I want to know what's safe and what's not. I have grape wood in there and it has white mold, green mold, and now there appears to be a slimy red mold. The frogs seem fine and the mold has been there for a while. Although the red mold just appeared. Will these molds be harmful to my azureus?
I believe most of the mold will be consumed by your micro fauna, the red slimy mold never seen before in a Viv only in reef tanks. Pics would be helpful, some other members might provide you with some more insight.
I'm no expert on molds but all different colours are possible. I have yet to hear about mold 'poisoning' frogs. You can wipe it a little with some papertowels or even take the wood out and boil it. When I see mold near the substrate, I just shovel some 'dirt' over top of it and carry on. Mold will peter-out and cease to grow in a short time on it's own.

I would not worry about it.

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Grape wood is very prone to mold and tends to keep molding longer than other wood choices. It will also not last very long in the damp conditions of a frog vivarium. There are some better, longer lasting choices that include ghost wood, Malaysian driftwood and Swahala wood among others. Generally speaking, the harder the wood, the more suitable for a wet environment.
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How long does it usually take for grape wood to rot. It is the main part of my vivarium and I have a few bromeliads siliconed to it. I would like to leave it in as long as possible. thanks.
It will still take a long time even under direct water /wet conditions. Years and years.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Alright good to know. Thanks a lot for the help.

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