Molding materials ?

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Does anyone know of a canned spray foam or anything else that can be safely used for molding my backing that the cocofiber will be put on. I don't want to hurt my frogs, and I'm about to invest around $1000.00 in my new viv and I want it done right.

Check out the black jungle tank they used some sort of foam on the back of their tank.

black jungle used triple expanding foam thats what i wanted to use but i wanted to make sure it was frog safe. and non toxic once it drys.
I'm guessing it must be safe since blackjungle has used it. I used it to fill in behind my corkbark background. I haven;t had any issues with it. I used "Great Stuff".
$1000 bucks oughta fetch you a nice Vivarium Big Grin

I do know that Black Jungle did cover the foam with silicone.
Good luck Steve.
thanks i tend to go all out when do something.
Im actually making tanks like that for my local petshop, the foam once cured is completely harmless to the frogs. just give it a good 24hrs to be sure its fully cured.

great thats good to know now i can begin terrarium construction. i am investing about 1000.00 in a 130 gal side entrance perfecto tank its going to be great i will post pics every step of the way. this site has been a big help teaching me the things i needed to know about pdfs.
OMG 1000 Bucks on one tank!! Cant wait to see it. I always wanted to do a very large tank but I dont have the room for one. Keep us posted!

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