More sexing help please?

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Can some experienced "sexers" help out with these guys as I need to pair up my odds and ends so I can clear some tank space.

BYH #1
[Image: frogsexingpics018.jpg]

BYH #2
[Image: frogsexingpics065.jpg]

Patricia #1

[Image: frogsexingpics003.jpg]
[Image: frogsexingpics029.jpg]
Patrica #2

[Image: frogsexingpics005.jpg]
[Image: frogsexingpics008.jpg]
Patricia #3

[Image: frogsexingpics023.jpg]
Are they all adults Lisa? Really need better pics to confirm for sure , if they are adults.
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They are all 10-12 months old and should be sexable, but I am horrible at sexing unless I have a male and female pair together...then I can see a difference.

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