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I think I have decided to go a little bit of a different route than I first expected.
The publishing house I am using does not charge out of pocket expenses to publish. I can submit a book, they publish it, and then when people want to buy the book they print it and send me a cut of the profit.
So, what I am planning on doing is this. Instead of publishing a book with all of the info I plan on including right away , I want to publish a "coffee table" book with really nothing more than pictures with species listed. As a prelude/volume one of a set. The set may be two, including the coffee book , or more.
This way I can get some new, cool pics out there and send some of the money to a conservation effort , and use the rest to purchase tools to help with the second volume.
Any thoughts , good or bad idea?
Do you think there will be interest?
Darts with parasites are analogous to mixed tanks, there are no known benefits to the frogs with either.

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With your pics, this sounds like a great idea. I really think it would sell considering most the books with pics are pretty outdated.
Scott Bryant
I absolutely love coffee table books. I would be one of the people who would purchase it. I would also love to have a reference book to use when I need to look up an illness, injury etc. I am sure there would be a lot of people interested. People who are in the hobby and people who just like the pretty pictures would purchase the coffee table book. The people in the hobby would purchase the second book.
Ive got the poison frogs- jewels of the rainforest coffee table book, and its ok. Lots of species missing, very outdated husbandry info. I would be in the market for another book, especially one combining your photos with breeding tips/experiences
think, it aint illegal yet
Whats your paypal adress Smile
Jeff Bogdanoff

Your pics are tops and i think that is what a lot of people want. A book just to get to know all the morphs and species, etc. It`d appeal to many more than just us. These people don`t need tanks or food for "their frogs".
"I don't want to believe, I want to know" Carl Sagan(my fav. stonerSmile
I want my copy autographed Big Grin

Do we get a FREE frog with EVERY purchase??? I'll take that escudo female with my first order Smile
I want an autographed copy too. Preferrably one with pseudo inflamatory remarks in it you would only take seriously if you had no life. Dish it out, I can take a joke
think, it aint illegal yet
When is your brother coming out with his book on frog parasites? I neeeeeeeeeeeed it.

Also, lemme know how your book goes.

Sgvreptiles Wrote:Whats your paypal adress Smile

mushmush Wrote:I want an autographed copy too.

Exactly. And i asked for a Autograph first! Can you spit on me and call me trash also? Oops. Sorry.. Flash back with my ex wife. haha. But I do not like books about coffee tables but would buy at least a copy of a new book about frogs.. -Buddha
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