My First Dart Frogs and Tank. How much $ ?

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This list would be for the intial supplies and Dart Frog purchase for a Beginning Hobbyist and with the LEAST expensive materials and cost outlays in mind. The prices quoted represent an AVERAGE dollar amount. It is also very probable that at least one of more items can be obtained for much less or even free ! Who doesn't have a spare, 10 gallon fish tank laying around, for instance. And remember - all used items should be discounted even further. I would only offer @ $15-20.00 for a used (excellent shape) 55 gallon fish tank, for instance !

1. 10 Gallon glass Aquarium / Fish Tank - New at Petco or Petsmart (1.00 / gallon sales) $10.00 -$14.00. If you can get a bigger tank, do so.

2. Glass lid for 10 gallon Tank - New at store or Cut Glass from Home Depot or Lowes $12.00

3. Substrate / Soil / Spagnum moss/ Gravel and Leaf litter - Make your own from Garden Center supplies $ 15.00

4. Coco Hut, Wood Feature, Rock(s) and a couple Tank suitable Plants - Various places $ 15.00

5. Lighting for Tank - Various fixtures and Bulb types from Pet store, Hardware Store, Big Box Store $ 12.00

6. Water Spray Bottle (small hand pump) - Walmart ect $ 4.00

7. Melanogaster wingless Fruit Fly cultures X 2 and some media (food) to make more - Online or Reptile show $ 18.00

8. Vitamin and Calcium powdered supplements for dusting Fruit Flies - Pet Store or Reptile Show - $ 15.00

9. Dart Frog(s) one or two maximum for 10 gallon tank - Reptile show, Local frog meet or Online $ 35.00 ea.

Total = @ $135.00....remember..some items can be obtained for less, like the tank, ect.

Commonly available, reasonably priced, and suitable Beginner Dart Frogs for the above Tank would be:

1. Dendrobates auratus - Green and black poison arrow frog
2. Dendrobates leucomelas - Bumblebee poison dart frog or yellow-banded poison dart frog
3. Dendrobates tinctorius - Dyeing dart frog (meaning colours not death)

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One cost that I think is overlooked but that most hobbyists would agree is necessary is testing. I think (and correct me if I am wrong) a suite of basic tests would be:
  • minimum 3 x $18 fecals (more if positive)
  • 2 x $20 Chytrid
  • 2 x $20 ranavirus

Depending on the sellers history the second two may not be absolutely necessary (correct me if I am wrong) but a new hobbyist should plan on $60 to $140 in testing on their frogs. I think you can go the economical route on enclosures but not on testing. My two cents Smile
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