My First Frog Viv

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this is my new viv it's an exo tera 36” x 18” x 24” all feed back is welcome good or bad and any advice is also welcome, so here it is i started with an expanding foam base with cork bark, i incorporated a waterfall and a ultrasonic mister then it was coated in an epoxy resin which has been painted with acrylics and is now ready to be siliconed there is another section to be fitted to the top of the water fall but i need to finish the siliconing first, also any advice on the perfect specimens to take full advantage of the viv would also be appreciated Thanks
Good start. Like the design.....keep us updated.

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just awating my order from dart now to fill it all up nicely
you going to have leaf litter?
of cause one of the many things ordered from dart frog, along with hides, plants mosses, oh and micro mesh to stop the food escaping
Can you post a couple full shot pics.....not the zoomed in pics. That way, we can see a little more of the whole vivarium and can advise you a little better.

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the second ones the whole viv but maby these ones are better, lightings via two exo terra repti glow day lamps, there's two rear mounted extract fans to prevent over heating, also i have a lucky reptile super fog conected to there humidity stat, but im actualy getting a building management system to run it all for me within the next two weeks(i work in the heating/ventilation area with the local council ) it will allow for expantion to control multiple vivaria and maintain everything within +/- 2 degrees F and 5% RH, i was realy considering puting tinks in here??
Finaly It all arrived, Fly cultures the lot (gotta get sum practice berfore i choose sum inhabitants, Soooooooo now im prety sure i got it right but would appreciate some feed back
Looks very well done - especially for a first viv !

You could almost double the leaf litter - leaves on top of leaves.

The "sandwich" of leaves provides a haven for micofauna - springtails and Isopods (you may want to look into getting a culture or 2 or each of them sooner than later, so they have a chance to settle in an propagate before the frogs ravish them).

The layers of leaves also allows the frogs to choose from being on top of the leaf, under the leaf or Between the leaves - big differences in humidity and even temperatures, believe it or not.

No worries looks great so far and you seem to be well on your way.

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ok no worries, i ordered a dendro soil mix from wich has some in ??? would you advise more tho ?? not a problem at all i still have to wire up all the controls ?
You are fine so far....just maybe look to either order some clean, dried Magnolia leaves from a shop or pick them up at a local show or frogger gathering in the future.

Magnolia leaves are more suitable for our purposes as they are thick, waxy and tough - take a longer time to degrade and breakdown. Last longer.

Even the microfauna is not 100% nessa.....especially for larger frogs like Tincs, as it's a food/ prey item as well as a tank "janitor".

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well Tincs are what i was thinking of homing here, whats the best ratio male to female for happy lil hoppers??
2.1 - 2 males and 1 female would be lovely for what you have there.

The females can get scrappy, so only 1 female.

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2.1 it is then, be at least a month before i start looking tho got to programme it all and perfect my fly cultures first
some addtional vivarium "furniture"....

a cocohut or 2 would be good - especially when they get breeding age. It's a good "hide" for them to retreat into and with a plastic or glass dish underneath, allows them to deposit their eggs.

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theres three Natural Spawning House's from dartfrog in there with the lil plastic dishes in the bottom is there anything else u think they might like????
thats a good start for you read more and learn'll decide to tweak things, but that's all normal and part of the fun of the hobby.

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good good as long as ive got it so they will b happy its gotta be good ill just keep on reading thanx
Any update on your progress? Looking good so far

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just letting everything grow in atm, got to get some more plants and get some more bug cultures going, ordering some when i get paid, my ff are going ok now thanks to everyones help but i need some weevils, wood lice and springtale cultures apparently not entirely sure which are the best to get yet tho

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