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I thought maybe it`s time for me to post a few photos of my frogs and vivs.
A couple of years ago I was starting to get fed up with what I had.
Vivs on shelves that were odd sizes and lots of wasted space.
All of my vivs are in my livingroom and my wife and I love sitting listening to the frogs all singing away.
So I decided to get in touch with a viv builder and ordered a load of vivs made to the sizes I wanted and then set about putting it all together.
The end result is a wall at the end of my livingroom which is covered in vivs and now looks awesome.
So for the past 18 months the vivs have all been growing in nicely and the frogs have all settled down well and I must admit they have been doing me proud lately with some fantastic froglets.


Salt Creek viv
[Image: newbuild040_zpsa33bf1a9.jpg~original]

BriBri viv
[Image: newbuild041_zps3f152691.jpg~original]

Regina viv
[Image: newbuild042_zpsb00b51d0.jpg~original]
This is one of the reasons I love this hobby.
I tried very hard to get better photos of this tad morphing out but I was plagued with problems with the algae affecting the focusing of the camera.
Of course it doesn`t help with it being the camera on my phone.
The tad in question is a Pumilio Salt Creek.
The first photo is dad checking out the water and then you can see the tad with new laid eggs beside it.
Over time I was able to catch some other pics of it morphing and then finally I managed to get one of it just after it first emerged from the water.
Finally a photo of what I think might be the same froglet foraging for food, I say think because it turns out there were in fact 3 froglets in the viv.


[Image: saltie06_zps5062b4d1.jpg~original]

[Image: saltie07_zpsc6b77516.jpg~original]

[Image: saltie08_zpsf5747316.jpg~original]

[Image: saltie09_zpsfc7b869d.jpg~original]

[Image: saltie10_zps1c5bd94f.jpg~original]

[Image: saltie11_zpsa73365e7.jpg~original]

[Image: saltie12_zpsb0c6a1a7.jpg~original]

[Image: saltie13_zps05c62db3.jpg~original]

[Image: saltie14_zpseb560339.jpg~original]

[Image: saltie015_zpsd66e0821.jpg~original]
Thanks for sharing Mike! Beautiful frogs and I really like the large bromeliads. It's always interesting to see the different methods in use for breeding. How are your test tubes secured in place?
Jim from Austin |
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Hi there they are held with thick fuse wire, 30amps I think it is.
I wound it twice around the neck and then twisted the ends until it was pulled tight around the neck leaving me with a length of twisted wire which I could then cut to the required length.
I then bent the end to make a hook that can be attached to a branch or similar.
Before using it though I covered the wire in silicone which holds it in place on the test tube and also helps to seal the wire in case it corrodes and poisons the frogs.

Here are another 3 Pum vivs in which I keep Salt Creeks, Bastis and Black Jeans.


Salt Creek viv.
[Image: newbuild043_zpsf64bb949.jpg~original]

Black Jeans viv.
[Image: newbuild044_zpsdf22afad.jpg~original]

Basti viv.
[Image: newbuild045_zps8a98a019.jpg~original]
Mike- Beautiful frogs! Would you humor me and take a pic of the wall of vivs in your living room? When I read your post you described my problem exactly! I have beautiful frogs, but such a mish-mash of different sized vivs, placed kind of helter-skelter. I would love to see what you did.
Thanks, Diane
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Hi Diane.
I'll be happy to do that.
I just need to clear some space to allow me to grab a decent photo so first chance I get I'll do it.

Mike, can you take a guess at how many froggers there are in Scotland ? Just a ball-park stab at a number, nothing to strenuous. I am just curious.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Hi Phil
It is pretty impossible to guess I`m afraid.
Unfortunately most don`t bother with the forums or keep their locations hidden.
Every now and again one sticks their head up to reveal themselves.
I personally know of a dozen or so, but as you`ll guess from such a low number there has to be a lot more than that.
A friend of mine often takes some froglets off me to sell through his mates shop with vivs which he puts together, so that alone tells me there are a lot more.
Sorry I can`t be more helpful.

Here are the photos I promised you Diane.
Hope they give you some ideas.
The rack width is 2 metres x 2.4 tall, (6ft 6 x 7ft 10 tall)
I decided I needed more frogs lol so added another 2 vivs to the top right forcing me to move my large viv out from the wall, but as it was originally made as a room divider it was no big deal.
The 3rd photo is a custom made bank of 5 vivs which are used as rearing vivs.
These sit against another wall and are 90cm x 80cm tall.


[Image: newbuild048_zps20c0a995.jpg~original]

[Image: newbuild047_zps2a559dd7.jpg~original]

[Image: newbuild046_zps15d22046.jpg~original]

Or the ubiquitous...'Nice Rack'!!

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Philsuma Wrote:Lovely.

Or the ubiquitous...'Nice Rack'!!

Haha I like it.

They look great, Mike!! 8)
Thanks Glenn.
How are you keeping ?
I see you`ve not been updating your frog room thread for a while, everything running along nicely ?

Some photos of a few of the inmates.
A group of Bastis, 1 male and 3 females.
And a male Salt Creek calling out to his wife.


[Image: basti005_zps5d043b07.jpg~original]

[Image: saltie016_zps3f7ca65e.jpg~original]
Frogman955 Wrote:Thanks Glenn.
How are you keeping ?
I see you`ve not been updating your frog room thread for a while, everything running along nicely ?


Hey Mike,

We're good but very busy. Nothing much has changed except that I'm not breeding the frogs right now.
Hi Glenn.
Glad to hear all is well.
I think my Tincs have taken a break off their own backs lol.
I need to change them, we can't have slackers lmao.

Time for a little update.
Tonight while feeding the Leucs I found that they`ve been playing sneaky and hiding their eggs again.
I caught a glimpse of some movement and on closer inspection I found a tad and then another and another and counted at least 5 tads in all happily swimming around.
So they are up to their old tricks and giving me some free range froglets again .
I managed to grab a few pics of tads and the parents watching my every move while taking the photos.
The tank can be seen above, it`s the large one with the culture sitting on it.


[Image: leuc005_zpsufb3bw8h.jpg~original]

[Image: leuc001_zps3s817yzv.jpg~original]

[Image: leuc002_zpsdpjodctr.jpg~original]

[Image: leuc003_zpsbcn9qhfh.jpg~original]

[Image: leuc004_zpsnkvngiym.jpg~original]
I got another nice surprise today.
I caught the male Basti wetting some eggs to keep them moist which was great as I didn`t know they were there.
When I checked the photo I realised they were all growing and I counted at least 9 eggs.
That is a huge clutch for a Pum.


[Image: basti006_zpshxmp3tnr.jpg~original]

[Image: basti007_zpsqvnkkhrf.jpg~original]
Could you possibly share the size test tube you are using. I like this method and would like to duplicate but there are so many sizes out there it would be good to start with one that has been proven to work.

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