My New Drip Wall -20 gallon tall

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I have a new tank - its a 20 gallon tall. One side drip wall, and the one dry side for some of the plants. The water feature goes back into the corner between a forked piece of wood it looks like a cave and I really like it.
these our some more pics of my new tank.
Drip wall tanks are cool. I got one. You just don't see many people trying them.

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Ive never really understood the construction of them. Is it just water running over the surface of the back wall? Like a real slow waterfall? Then the drainage part. Where does the water go? I've got a stream viv, and a little water fall viv, but have never understood the "mechanics" of a dripwall. But then, I've never hit the search button for one either. Just pretty much looked at the threads that pop up now and then and move on.
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I'll get some pics up as some point.

The water is literally a drip. A very slow drip from a PVC "drip bar" with 6-8 adjustable nozzles. The very slow drip keeps an entire faux rock wall moist and wet @ 70% of the wall.

There is a central drain covered by a screen and the drained water goes into a sump / tank and then a submersible pump, pumps it back up the the drip bar.

It's really cool.Frogs love it. Plants love it. You should try a build or 2 someday.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Does anyone have a good step by step explanation of how to build a drip wall? I would definitely like to take a step up in my next vivarium and incorporate some type of drip wall feature.

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