My first Viv - Lots of Pics

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This tank has been setup for a little while now, but I thought i would share the build with you:

This was all before I was even into frogs... It was more of an experiment so the build may be slightly unorthodox, but it is quite functional and working great for my 3 young D. tinc 'Patricia'.

[Image: TMiNi.jpg]

[Image: 1wD67.jpg]

[Image: Usuq0.jpg]

[Image: Z8p6Q.jpg]

[Image: zOLld.jpg]

[Image: TBzqa.jpg]

[Image: u2MSF.jpg]

[Image: WlFCX.jpg]

[Image: 8p70H.jpg]

[Image: MbzGw.jpg]

[Image: UDQ1Z.jpg]

[Image: UKSP7.jpg]

[Image: 60Cdh.jpg]

[Image: Hx7lq.jpg]

[Image: N6hdt.jpg]

[Image: IUcYe.jpg]

[Image: gtrXq.jpg]

[Image: EocDo.jpg]

[Image: kYlBC.jpg]

[Image: gtrXq.jpg]

[Image: EocDo.jpg]

[Image: kYlBC.jpg]

[Image: xQwiF.jpg]

[Image: WH3Cw.jpg]

[Image: bxqf3.jpg]

[Image: Srzgw.jpg]

More to come!
Very nice pics and such good quality too. What body and lens are you using.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Thanks Smile

Its my wife's camera. She is the photographer and took many of these shots. Its a cannon something or other. Rebel XTI or something like that... I know its a DSLR.

I believe she used 2 different lenses, one being a 55mm lens? The other was larger.
Great looking viv. What is that taller plant in the 2nd to last pic?
-Field Smith
Some frogs...
Nice viv - would look great in my living room.. : )

As you do future builds, keep in mind the importance of leaf litter. Maybe not as essential for a bigger Tinc, but most other frogs require this. If your not already aware, there are 2 common choices leaves to use. Magnolia is the most durable. Another good leaf to use is Live oak, which is more durable than most other leaves and also looks good because it is smaller.

Keep the pics coming.
Scott - North Dallas
I plan on adding some portions of leaf litter once fall comes, in the Front / Middle section.
Update - Nov 6th

[Image: 4M5Pv.jpg]
Lookin good get that GS stank outta there yet?
-Field Smith
Some frogs...
fieldsmith Wrote:Lookin good get that GS stank outta there yet?


Turns out to be the silicone... The vinegar smell of the silicone is long gone, but another smell from it remains. Possible a section that didn't cure, or a bad tube, who knows...

It seems to be fading though. The plants and springtails are thriving. I have good hopes for the future.

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