My first vivarium: 55 gallon

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Hey everyone Big Grin,

here's my newly built tank as of today july 19, 2011, hope to get some springtails and ispods to seed it. Then in about a month get my PDF probably d. azureus

well i decided to go the cheap expanding foam, no fake rocks, i still have to buy a stick on back for the outside though. let me know what you think Big Grin

[Image: vivarium004.jpg]
[Image: vivarium002.jpg]
[Image: vivarium005.jpg]
[Image: vivarium001.jpg]

Total cost w/o backing...

Coco fiber compressed bricks: $10
Soil mix for reptile/amphibians like jungle mix: $6
Forest floor: $15
Screen for flitering most of the dirt: $3
Plants about $30
fish tank stand $151
glass lid: $13
Screen lid : $15

Total: $243 :p haha

if i went the more expensive route: expanding foam that would cost me at least $15 for 2-3 cans, the silicon is like $5/tube, foam blocks to cut into fake rocks would cost me like $20, tile grout unsure on price, guessing about another $50 bucks

I will post updates since this is the newly planted tank, all plants were rinsed in a bleach solution and then fresh water before planting in the tank

i have the pics on my fb too under "poison dart frog vivarium", don't mind my profile pic hahaha
D. Leuc 2:1?:3 Bryan's tropicals/2unknown
D. Azureus 1:1:4 unknown
Very nice ! Great first tank.

I would leave the background uncovered - you can actually see the frogs a little more with 360 degrees of glass. I make vivs like that (no background) on occasion just for that reason.

That's a big tank for Tincs. Tincs (azureus are tincs as well) are ok in sex ratios of 2.1 but a lot of people like to keep them 1.1 - 1 male and 1 female.

I'd put a more "colony" frog in there - like Leucomelas or auratus. You could house 3.1 or perhaps 3.2 in that viv.

oh...and leaf litter. Get some nice clean dried Magnola leaves and perhaps a dash or two of live oak.

Did I mention that , that is a very nice first tank ?

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Very nice first tank!

As Phil has stated, Azureus would do better male heavy. 2.1 would be perfect. They'd have tons of room! Smile

Lots of leaf litter would be a nice addition. I always try to completely cover the substrate with leaf litter.
haha thank you very much

Oh i like that idea too, maybe i will leave it uncovered and save a buck. Then maybe it will be a little easier to find them.

Yes i'm currently pm'ing FMC Dendro depot for some starter cultures of springtails and isopods, and some leaf litter too. I do have forest floor, cypress mulch, i could sprinkle on the surface, but let me see how much leaf litter i'm getting

That was my second choice, auratus, i also like leucomelas, hmmmmmmm ???. i may go with d. auratus not sure, well i have a month to decide, i'm giving my tank a growin for plants and for the cultures to get established. i'm not sure if i can afford 5 frogs unless i can find them on the forum,

i like azureus because i see them going for around $30 each so i could get a few, or possibly buy a sexed group. i may be able to pull off $50 bucks a frog but then shipping kills me too haha, a little more expensive than when i grew carnivorous plants Tongue, maybe i'll exchange out the varigated ivy and put in a small nepenthes in the tree stump, or even some utricularia.

thanks for the input Big Grin
D. Leuc 2:1?:3 Bryan's tropicals/2unknown
D. Azureus 1:1:4 unknown
Leucs and Tincs (azureus) are all pretty comparable in price - the $30.00 range is common for froglets and small juveniles.

Adult and sexed animals cost a lot more...a lot. Adults are in the $50-$90.00 range and I just sold a pair of sexed and proven breeder azureus for $300.00. A lot of people would pay even more than that for breeding frogs.

Your best bet is to attend either the White Plains NY Reptile show or the Hamburg PA Reptile show - look at the "Shows / Events Forum here for dates and more info.


You are going to spend the same amount of money in gas that you would in shipping BUT you are going to have the supreme luxury of hand selecting your frogs and possible haggling for a price discount face-to-face ,due to quantity (4 frogs instead of1, ect). Both shows are pretty much a guarantee for all the above species that you are interested in. Those shows will also have the microfauna - Springs and Isopods, that you are looking for.

You can also see tons of other vendors, supplies and animals up close and not have to worry about buying things sight unseen and chance having heat mortality or unpacking a surprise - frogs that are not quite what you envisioned.

Some thoughts...

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
yeah i do see the sexed pairs go up pretty high even on the forums. I'll keep the shows bookmarked the september 11 NY show could be a possibility, and it will give the tank time to grow in and the springtails and isopods time to get well established. My aunt might even be interested in going to one of these too. However august is usually a busy month since it's the month before school starts.

I'll search around who knows by then maybe i'll have some more money. Can't wait!

thanks for the link/info. If i'm able to make it out to PA for a show i'll let you know
D. Leuc 2:1?:3 Bryan's tropicals/2unknown
D. Azureus 1:1:4 unknown
This is a biased opinion, but I would get leucomelas instead of auratus. Just throwin it out there... oh, and nice first viv too... Now when are you starting your next one? Wink
Nice looking tank!
And one more vote for the leucomelas, the males have a beautiful call!
Where did you get your plants? $30 is nice for those, they look awesome!

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@Rico: I might fix up the 30 gallon soon. I really want d azureus. Auratus or leuco I have not decided yet haha.

@Cindy: ahhh hahaha this forums going to have me get all 3 if I can Smile

@jakk: I picked them up from lowes's tropical section for like $3 each, one from walmart for $5 and some from and Amish greenhouse for less than a buck each. All were sterilized with the bleach solution before entering the tank.

So I have a 30gallon and a 20 long tank idk if I have room in my room for them haha I will find a way!
D. Leuc 2:1?:3 Bryan's tropicals/2unknown
D. Azureus 1:1:4 unknown
Thanks I've been afraid to get anything from anywhere but the frog web sites but maybe ill try the bleach solution. Does that take care of them if they put fertilizers and stuff on/in them or just sterilize unwanted organisms?

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I heard it sterilizes them. I also rinsed off all the dirt they came with which should get rid of most of the fertilizer.
D. Leuc 2:1?:3 Bryan's tropicals/2unknown
D. Azureus 1:1:4 unknown
Hope this is ok going to post some questions here...

So my plan is leucs for the 55 and soon I'll have the 30 gallon planted for azureus. I also have leaf litter on the way


1. I heard you say azureus is better male heavy so either 2:1 or 1:1. Can I get a few different numbers for leucs? I might be able to get 3 females but how many males would I put In ? Would they work 2:3 or should I only get two females and go 3:2 ?

2. I planned to seed my tanks ASAP I will have seeders in the mail tomorrow. Each tank will be seeded with one isopods and one springtails. The varieties I have will be springtails folsomia and, isopods dwarf grey stripe and dwarf white. Can you pair them up to each tank ? Recommend two for each frog.

3. When should I start culturing fruit flies ? I'll have my tank seeders growing out for about a month should I start ff cultures a week to a week in a half before my frogs arrive ?

D. Leuc 2:1?:3 Bryan's tropicals/2unknown
D. Azureus 1:1:4 unknown
1. Leucs are a "little more tolerant" of same sex numbers....but you CAN still get the occasional female on female fight. I've had Leuc breeding groups of 2.1 and 3.2 that both got along and STILL produce nicely (4 years +). With any pair or more of em closely.

2. Seeded ahead of time is very responsible - give em time to establish colonies in the Viv before the frogs go in and start rippin' and tearin' thru em. You can do the "mixed bag" of microfauna....2 kinds of Isos or more...2-3 kinds of springs and see who makes it and reproduces. Kinda like roulette.

3. Start culturing flies @ a month prior to getting frogs and even then...have a back-up, or some other local hobbyist nearby that can hook you up if your stuff fails initially.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
'member this little saying when you buy / obtain your microfauna - Isopods and Springtails....


"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Very Nice. Whatever frogs you get, they will be lucky to have a nice home.
Good job.
@Todd: Thanks! Smile

I just seeded both tanks yesterday! Each tank has two kinds of springtails and two kinds of isopods (total of 4 species). When they become established will they be prominent? I do plan to let them sit for a month and i didn't use the entire cultures so i can keep making them outside the tanks too.

I'll post pics of the grow out of the tanks probably around mid august, haha i do favorite the 55 gallon tank but there's only so much you can do with a smaller tank. Even though the 30s smaller it doesn't look that bad.

i did do some replanting in my 55 gallon tank since i didn't like the wax begonias in there, and the grass like dracaena couldn't tolerate the humidity, I replaced them with i think a small palm type plant and pilea. everything else is filling in well.

I'll keep you all posted Big Grin
D. Leuc 2:1?:3 Bryan's tropicals/2unknown
D. Azureus 1:1:4 unknown

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