My new Dart Frogs !

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I just added some new frogs to my collection. I got them yesterday, so they are still settling in and these pics don't do them justice.

These guys came from Bill Schwinn.


[Image: newfrogs003.jpg]
[Image: newfrogs016.jpg]
[Image: newfrogs021.jpg]


[Image: newfrogs007.jpg]
[Image: newfrogs010.jpg]
[Image: newfrogs011.jpg]
[Image: newfrogs012.jpg]

These guys came from Brice Noonan.

[Image: newfrogs023.jpg]

[Image: newfrogs020.jpg]
[Image: newfrogs019.jpg]
omg I'm so jealous! I'm new the the dart frog community and cannot stop looking at all their gorgeous colors!!

keep us up to date Big Grin
wow they look nice
Nice frogs!

I definitely love the Oelemarie!!


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