My personal policy on PM's

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I get a lot....a.....lot, since I took over here.

I'm ok with any and all PM's that come my way - NEVER a problem, so don't ever be afraid to send.


I tend to "answer" most all PM's by starting a new thread about the issue / question or bumping an existing thread. I really believe that all information should be laid out there for everyone to benefit from. If I'm going to take 10 mins and 2 paragraphs to respond (and that's fine), I'd like for it to be out there for others benefit as well. Not trying to be dismissive or a snob, but please try to tack your questions onto an existing thread or start a new thread with all your questions.

The reason is that many other people can benefit from reading the thread and the posts that would they would not otherwise never see in a private message / PM.

So if you are seeing bumped Threads/ topics or some of the older stuff, please bear with me. Please unsubscribe or just "click thru" these threads if they bother you.

Obviously, there are PM's of a private nature and those being the exception.....but I'm hoping you're smelling' what I'm selling' here. :wink:

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".

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