National Amphibian Expo -- NAE (August 9, 2014) Indianapolis

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As committee chair I am pleased to announce the first biennial National Amphibian Expo (NAE).

The event will take place August 9th, 2014 at Butler University in Indianapolis, Indiana

This will be the first event of it’s kind in the Midwest. It will be the first of many biennial events focused on advancing scientific study and captive maintenance of tropical and temperate amphibians through the exchange of knowledge, and promotion of captive breeding and husbandry of the amphibians. This events centerpiece is a show and sale of captive born amphibians, tropical plants, and supplies for captive care. We additionally plan to offer workshops, educational displays, and presentations.

Please visit for information and continued updates.

If you are interested in vending please email: [email protected] with the subject line "NAE 2014", be sure to mention what you would like to vend and provide us with any additional contact information.

Additionally please feel free to email us if you are interested in giving a workshop/presentation, or perhaps volunteering in any capacity before/during the show and sale.

Thank for your interest and we truly hope to see you there!

Dan Madigan
NAE Planning Committee Chair
[email protected]

--Special thanks goes out to the entire planning committee on a successful public launch for our event ... Job well done guys!--
Good for you Dan ! It's been awhile since we talked - Scott M's meets. Seems like you are advancing things nicely 'way' out west.


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I am pleased to pass along some new developments for the 2014 National Amphibian Expo (NAE).

As was previously announced the National Amphibian Expo is set to take place August 9th, 2014 at Butler University in Indianapolis, Indiana. Our primary sponsor for the 2014 expo is Zoo Med Laboratories as they have graciously agreed to donate a substantial amount towards the event.

Amphibian Ark has been selected as our official supported conservation organization for NAE 2014. A large portion of our proceeds will go to support several wonderful projects Amphibian Ark supports and takes part in.

Below is a list of our current confirmed vendors:

We are currently in discussions with several other vendors and hope to announce more in the coming weeks.

If you are interested in vending please visit Registration | NAE to fill out our online vendor registration form. Additionally you can visit Vendors | NAE to review the event schedule as well as the terms and conditions for the National Amphibian Expo.

If you are on Facebook and would like to follow us there you can find us at

Thank for your interest and we truly hope to see you there!

Dan Madigan

Since it has been awhile I wanted to update you all on our current vendor list for the National Amphibian Expo taking place August 9th, 2014 at Butler University in Indianapolis, IN.

Current Vendor List

Zoo Med Laboratories, Inc. |
New products and tank set ups. --DISPLAY ONLY, NOT FOR RESALE--

Black Jungle Terrarium Supply |
Captive frogs, Terrariums, supplies, books, food and supplements. |
Fruit flies, feeder insects & supplies.

Josh's Frogs |
Terrarium supplies, tropical plants, dart frogs and other amphibians, feeder insects.

Rainforest |
Universal rock products, vivariums, neotropical treefrogs, dendrobatid frogs,
live moss, feeder insect supplies. |
Tropical plants: Bromeliads, Aroids, Peperomia, Hoyas, Dischidia, Begonia. |
Terrarium supplies and decor, tropical plants, poison dart frogs, springtails, fruit flies, isopods. |
Neotropical amphibians, dendrobatid frogs, insects, and books.

A-List Animals |
Zoomed Products, Pacman Frogs, Tomato Frogs, Pixie Frogs, White's Treefrogs, Axolotls, and Fruits Fly Cultures.

Hoosier Herpetological Society |
Non-profit educational/conservationist group with interests in both captive and wild amphibians and reptiles.

Coco Hut Dart Frogs |
Dart Frogs, Supplies.

Jewels of Eden | Jewels of Eden
Dart frogs, vivariums, fruit flies, Isopods, springtails, bean beetles, plants and supplies.

Buckeye Dart Frogs | Buckeye Dart Frogs
Captive bred dart frogs, complete tank setups, fruit fly cultures, springtail cultures, beetle cultures, culture kits, and tank supplies.

Tundra Cages |
Custom Glass Cages, Misting Systems, Dart frogs.

Weird & Wonderful Morphs |
Salamanders, Newts, and Axolotls.

Brian Rawlings Dart Frogs |
Dart Frogs and Supplies.

The Mind's Eye |
Captive darts, springtails, fruit flies, assorted terrarium plants.
Anybody from DartDen planning to attend? I will be there and hopefully meet lots of people. Had the honor to be on the NAE board and to work with Dan to make this a great show. Less than a week! Smile
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Happening this coming weekend in Indianapolis, IN at Butler University. More information can be found at Hope to see you there!

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