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I am trying to entertain a 9 y/o boy who wants to raise frogs. I am at the very beginning of this process. I have learned an awful lot from this and other web sites, but no one addresses the very basics: like where do you buy a tank or terrarium in the first place? Everyone wants to sell you stuff to put in it but where do you get a good tank specifically for frogs without paying an arm and a leg? Also I'm sure there are things I must do to prepare a habitat for the creatures, before I order them. Any help available will be sincerely appreciated.
TJL3rd :?
What kind of frogs do you want to keep, darts? You can get a 10g tank at Wal-Mart, PetCo. etc for cheap. You might think of starting with some less expensive frogs to get some experience unless you are set on darts.
I have found that looking in the classifieds or a local "steals and deals" type paper works well for aquariums. I recently bought a 55gal with stand and decorations for $100. But be careful, sometimes these tanks have cracks or are unusable. I have also found really nice 10gal tanks at flea markets for $10-$20. Just my opinion.
Back when I started with darts I had an old tank that I used for a false bottom tanks (you can find out about that online). The one thing I can tell you is before you get the frogs start raising fruit fly's.
What you have to keep in mind is the temp of your house and the tank. You have to keep the temp right for the frogs. I had to add heat and used a under the tank reptile heater when nessesary. As for the tank and its size it depends on the frogs I would start out with the Auratus or leucomelas I found them very hardy and easy to keep and large enough for your 9yr old to see. For a few 2 or 3 I would go for a 10 to 20gal tank. Make sure it has a top you will need to seal part of it for temp and Hum. control. As far as the cost goes you can get a 10gal at just about anywhere. Used tanks can leak but thats only a problem on the bottom 1/3 of the tank you will never have more than a few inches of water. I usually pay about $1-$2per gal on used tanks. Be carful of how much weight you have in the cheap tanks the glass is really thin.
You can get a 10+ gallon tank at any local store. All glass lid would be sufficient. I silicone a drawer handle to the lid so that I can lift it off the tank.
All I can Say is online classifeids. I just found a 15 gallon oblong octagonal tank with a stand for 25 dollars. I am just starting to build and modify this tank and I will post pictures and write ups as I make progress. I plan on having a waterfall, pond and lots of plants.
I am going to try to build a timed light system to simulate real daylight/nightfall patterns.

Any ways yes used tanks are a great way to go. try finding a used ten gallon and getting one of those neat lid/door converters talked about elsewhere on these forums. Good Luck!
Petco sells 10 gallon tanks for as low as 7.99 in some markets. I've also found small (approx. 20 gallons) "vivariums" for around 70 to 80 dollars with hinged front glass doors and 2 half screen tops that can each be changed from screen to black plastic cover. I'm partial to nice display tanks anyway.

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