Need to sell

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I would like to get these guys sold this weekend, and shipped out next week.
2 chocolate luecs. unsure of sex
60$ ea or both for 100$ plus shipping
[Image: th_Photo_090208_001.jpg]
2 female red amazonicus these are proven breeders
60$ea or both for 100$ plus shipping
[Image: th_Photo_090208_005.jpg]
4 green legged lamasi adult proven group unsure of sex ratio
all four 175$ plus shipping
[Image: th_Photo_090208_004.jpg]
1.2 ventrics. blue legged adult proven group from sean stewart
all three 150$ plus shipping
[Image: th_Photo_090208_007.jpg]
3 variabilis babies parents from sean stewart
60$ ea or all three for 150$ plus shipping
[Image: th_Photo_090208_003.jpg]
make me an offer you might get lucky

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