New 20H tank

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Recently I build a new 20 gallon tall tank that I'm hoping to fill with a pair of frogs sometime soon. I wanted to post a construction journal, but some of my files are too big to attach. I really wanted both a water and a land area so i siliconed a turtle cage divider and made it water tight. I then added sand and a small reptile filter once I knew it didn't leak. Using an old turtle basking platform, I built a "rock waterfall" around my filter to disguise it and make it look nicer. I'm also in the process of planting the pond and building a rock ledge for any daring frogs to escape from the water area.
On the land side, I siliconed the background black so none of the GS would be visible. Then I cleaned and then foamed in an old aquarium log I had. Once I had the background in the shape I liked, I siliconed eco-earth mix onto the background. Next I added a good 1-2 inch layer of leca balls to the bottom and covered them with window screening. finally I added several inches of eco earth and began planting. Several plants and some moss from black jungle later, things seem to be growing.
For a top, I bought a marineland glass canopy and I have a zoo med tropic sun bulb lighting the cage. Temp seems to be steady around 70 in the day and 68 at night. Humidity ranges between 80-90%. The cage has been cycling for almost 3 weeks now and seems to be pretty stable. I get a lot of condensation on the front glass and am thinking of how to change that. Any recommendations, suggestions or commexts would be appreciated.

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