**New Policy** No PM mesages for new users for 7 days.

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It astonishes me that the spammers would think that the Dart Den is a good candidate for their solicitations. I tend to disagree with this, as do many of you. I have added some code so that all new users, who after they activate, cannot post a private message for 7 days. They can receive messages, they just can't send them. Hopefully this should end the garbage we have been getting lately. --Corey
well, that answers the question i had, haha, i was wondering why i couldnt respond to pm's.

any reason my account was shut down after a few months of inactivity? the user name is still active, but it doesnt recognize my password and can reset through either of my email addresses. like it locked me out.
hey corey, i still cant send pm's yet, its not a big deal on my other name, i didnt have huge post count or a cult following or anything,

the other name was leveldrummer though, and you can email me at [email protected]

but its all the same to me, if you dont wanna go through the trouble, this account is just fine and the other can drift into oblivion.

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