New Tank Ideas???

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Hi guys, hope you are all well?

just a quicky...i am going to be fully taking apart my viv at the weekend for a clean and a re-soil as it has been about 6 months now, but, i would like a bit of a change to the set up. I would like something a little more natural looking as i get the feeling everything in my viv looks "placed there" if that makes sense Smile. i would love to see some of your vivs, maybe for a little inspiration. what do you guys think works best?
this maybe only my opinion but i don't really like overly planted vivs as i think it almost take the attention away from the frogs...which are the best bit, and also allot of the time you will not be able to see these beautiful animals.
and in your opinions....i have a sexed pair of azures in an 18x18x24 exo this enough as i was maybe thinking on upgrading for christmas.
any help, pics and advice would be much appreciated.
Here is my first attempt. I made the fountain out of ceramic. Not really a fountain. More like a trickling spring. Gonna put some plants in it today. I have a little more tweeking on teh water fixture as I think it flows to fast but the store was out of parts. I am probably months from a frog anyhow.
[Image: DSC_0053.jpg]
Here is mine. The first shot is most of the tank and to the far left is the water feature which is in the second shot. The tank is a 75g (48x21x18)....

[Image: FullTank-4.jpg]

[Image: WaterFall-1.jpg]
they are both very very nice :lol: and im sure bigg1 will be sweet when theres some plants in there but good start and that also looks like a great water feature in there.
thanks for the pics guys....much apritiated.
keep um coming.... Tongue

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