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Hi, I am looking for information on keeping these wonderfull species. I have seen a few articles but have conflicting information. I have read over the care sheet here and found that its vary helpfull and seems acurate.

I was wondering if keeping these frogs is best in a species only type tank. Would poison dart frogs do well in a Paludarium or is the water portion useless or do frogs go for the occasional dip in the water? Could I keep smaller species of fish in the water like Neon Tetras and have the frogs on the land portion? I would also like to a few different frogs rather then only 1. Is this a bad idea to have a group?

Multiple species tanks are frowned on in our hobby for numerous reasons. Do a search of the this forum to see the heated debates.

I have a water feature in my display tanks. It keeps the humidity up and looks nice. Not needed, but I put it in there. My breeder tanks do not have water features.

I keep some danios in one of my water features. I'm not a fish guy, so I don't know if Tetras would work.
I've had a 135 gallon paludarium separated between land and aquarium sections that has worked well for over 6 years without a major take-down. The aquarium section has tetras-- I've tried other things, but tetras seem to work best, and most of the original ones are still alive. (I have X-rays, rummynosed, head and tail light, etc., but neons never worked out.) The land portion has Dendrobates galactonotus, which are great community frogs--meaning the same species get along well together in groups. They will sometimes hunt fruitflies on top of the sturdier aquatic plant leaves, and as long as there is a good egress for them to get back onto land if they fall in, they can swim adequately to do so. I also have a few golden Chinese algae eaters that do a good job of clean-up. Yes, you certainly can mix fish and frogs. You need to design your tank to separate the two with glass barriers, however, because you will need at least a 12 inch depth for an adequate main fish pool, and need to do partial water changes fairly often without disturbing the froggy section.

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