New Viv, Tuscon Reptile show

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So I was at the Tuscon reptile show this weekend looking at frogs and talking to breeders. Spent alot of time talking to Amanda from AZDR about frogs and beginner stuff. While looking at their stock I decided to purchase a set up 18x18x24 Viv from them that I think is really pretty. I'm trying to figure out what to add, thinking coco hut, some more leaf litter and maybe a planting up front. I've included photos of the Viv, and two shots of the show Tincs that were in there. I'm gonna let it grow out for two months til I pick up three leucs in Nov. Adding some springtails in a week or two to deal with tank maintenance. It has two exo terra canopies on top with two CFl's in each. I'm hand misting currently but have an exoterra monsoon that I will be adding. Also adding some picks from the show from the other breeders, frogs with altitude and one I can't remember the name of because their frogs were in tiny containers which made me a little sad. Let me know what you think. Thanks.
More pics later
Very nice and thanks for posting !

Your first viv and frogs right ? Please post up pics and a review of that monsoon - it's the new 2.0 version I hope.

When you say "tiny containers" do you mean "Deli cups" or those little "condiment" cups. The pics above look like deli cups from what I can tell and even some of the condiment cups are "ok" for small froglets.

Exciting - going to a show and starting out into the hobby...right ?

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Its the 2.0, which I know that system has issues but for the price I was able to get it I decided to dance with the devil. Had to cut down the file size, here are the ones in condiment cups. I know the froglets are little but it just felt like attention was paid to quantity not comfort. Not putting anyone on blast, this is a personal opinion.
Viv looks good. I would def add leaf litter
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LIKE taking a risk on the Monsoon....I will dance with the devil when I get a couple more vivs up and running here soon as well.

It's funny, well....not too funny....but condiment cups seem to be more of a "West Coast" thing. It's almost all deli cups out East, but I think that is changing too.

I use those square plastic boxes from the Craft Store.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Here are some pics I took from inside the Viv yesterday. Working on documenting growth over the next two months before I get frogs. Planning to add: coco hut with petri bottom, heart fern to the front right and creeping fig to the back to cover up some of the background, also more leaf litter to cover the bottom with. Let me know what you think, not set 100% on the fern if folks have one they prefer let me know. Thanks again for all the help.
Looking good ! You got the broms up high - off the ground which is key, and you have some tried-and-true vivarium friendly plants that should do well for you too.

Leaf Litter ! Need some of that. Clean dried magnolia leaves and some small Live Oak, on top of the Sphagnum and you are rockin' .

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Thanks for the ideas, ordered 1 gallon leaf litter, a heart fern (for the front) and some creeping fig for the background. Also a coco hut with petri bottom for a hide. This should get here tomorrow and I will hopefully be able to post update photos then. After some recommendations went with New England herptoculture, great prices on cuttings and supplies if anyone is looking for a place. creeping fig for around a buck a cutting.

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